Aims and Objectives for a typical training workshop


To equip youth workers with the skills they need to support and train young people to run an internet radio station

To identify ways in which internet radio can be used to develop young people’s social and life skills and improve employability

Overall objectives:

At the end of the training participants will be able to:

  • Describe what internet radio is, how it has evolved, how it differs from broadcast radio and how it works.
  • List the essential components of an internet radio station and connect up a simple internet radio set up.
  • Recognise and use the technical terms associated with internet radio
  • Book programme space on a server / internet streaming site
  • Establish an editorial board and determine the responsibilities of the board.
  • Work with young people to determine editorial policy in key areas including codes of conduct, editorial steer etc
  • Identify potential audiences and determine an outline programme schedule
  • Describe different programme formats
  • Create a plan and running order for magazine programme
  • List the different tasks, roles and responsibilities involved in running an internet radio station and describe the functions of the following: Producer, Editor, Presenter / newsreader, Floor manager, Marketing/ publicity team, Interviewers and reporters, Music / Jingle team, Technical team, Researchers,Sound archivist
  • Identify the key employment skills that can be developed through different roles
  • Amplify programmes and station using social and print media
  • Present / anchor a programme
  • Interview people in a variety of contexts (e.g studio, outside, live, recorded, individual, group etc)
  • Carry out some ‘vox pops’ interviews.
  • Use the mixing desk
  • Create a jingle
  • Edit recorded material, post-production
  • Create a podcast of an internet radio programme and upload it to a web site
  • Identify sources of open content, including music.
  • Create and record simple sound effects and archive them
  • Evaluate programme content
  • Identify some of the key issues of working with young people in the context of producing internet radio
  • Prepare an action plan for engaging young people over the next 6 months, including recruitment, placements and progression.

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