Practice run

It’s really important that you practice setting up the equipment and broadcasting regularly. One way to do this is outlined below.


Use the built in Nicecast server.

You can test all of the equipment (everything setup up before using the streaming server including going online etc.) by using the built In Nicecast Server.  For this simply click on “Built in Server” in the server panel of Nicecast.  This works brilliantly if you want to check everything out using your internal IP.  (Including access from another computer in the same local network.)


There are four things to cover in your practice sessions;

a) Set up the equipment

b) Set up Nicecast

c) Make an archive-recording of your test broadcast

d) Listen to the broadcast on another device (computer or phone) using the url provided under the share panel on Nicecast.  Use headphones or send your listener to another room!


For other server options click here.



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