Creating Jingles in Garage band

Create jingles in garageband


Open up GarageBand by clicking on the guitar icon form your dock or finding it in Applications. Click on “Loops” and press choose.


Name your file and save it somewhere where you will be able to find it again in future, then click “Create”


Spend some time listening to the different sounds and pick something that you feel reflects what the show or package is about.  Now choose anything from the menu on the right and drag it into the centre panel, if you click and drag you can move it around.

Drag across some other samples and play around with the sequences.

Use the  symbol to see a clearer view of the track.


If you hover your mouse over the bottom half you can click and drag to highlight an area, click delete (backspace) on your  keyboard to remove the highlighted section.

To add your own voice, click on a blank area of the centre panel (ie at the end of a track) and press record.  You will hear a metronome which you can toggle on and off by clicking on.

Edit your voice track in the same way as the loops.  Turn the volume up on the voice and down on the music.  Play around, be creative, you have made a jingle!


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