Mixing desk, Levels and Mics

A very basic setup is shown in the diagram above, details are written out below and you can watch the videos on this site for more help setting up the desk, microphone and levels.

Plug in the audio jack between the microphone (the back of the wireless transmitter box) and the mixing desk.

Plug in the usb cable between the Mac and the back of the mixing desk.

Make sure that the deck and the microphone are switched on.

Slide all of the faders to the lowest position.

On the mixing desk switch on the Solo button corresponding to your microphone.  You should now see a red light above the button.

Press the Mode button on the right hand side, the red light (on the right) above the button will switch off and a green light (on the left) will come on.

Now speak into the microphone, remember to hold the microphone about four fingers width away from your mouth.  The two strips of lights above L and R should light up as you speak.

Keep speaking and adjust the Gain dial corresponding to your microphone.  Watch the level of lights increase and decrease. You are aiming for the lights to reach the middle.

Make sure that the Low Cut button is on (depressed).

To set up a second microphone or input device, turn off the Solo switch for the one you just set up and then repeat the process using the next line of sockets and dials across.


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