Equipment list

The list of equipment below will provide all you need for a mobile and studio set up.  Prices are approximate.  The equipment is based on Apple software – there are alternative set ups for Windows or Linux.

Some of you may already have similar or alternative equipment.

It may be possible to purchase hardware locally.  Otherwise we would recommend Thomann online store as a supplier.  Software can be purchased online and downloaded.



At least one Apple Laptop (best to be mobile) or Mac Mini or iMac (much preferred over Windows PC) (1000 – 2000 €)  The optimum would be two machines = one for the producer and one for the moderator during a show


Studio Microphone (Cable)

the t.bone SC 400

57 €


Table Stand for Mic

K&M 232BK Table Microphone Stand

20,40 €


Pop-killer (can be easily build yourself, but see an example here)

the t.bone MS 180

14,30 €


USB Audio-Interface ( 30 €)

Behringer U-Control UCA 202


Headphones (40 €)

For listen to Mixer – broad variety


Set of typical cables (XLR for Mic, Cinch/RCA/3.5mm/6.3mm etc.) (50 €)


Software (all for Apple only, except Audacity)


Nicecast streaming server application (40 $)


Audio Hijack Pro application – hijack microphone feed, music mixing deck (32 $)


Fission – Fast and lossless audio editing (32 $)


Soundboard (50 $)

(these are software for Apple)


Garageband/Audacity application for pre- and postproduction (included in Apple iLife/Open Source Software)


Skype (for phone ins) (free)

Mobile Recording


Interviewing Small Recorder

Zoom H-1 V2 Bundle with useful extra pieces – Zoom H-1 V2 incl. APH-1

105 €


LIVE event equipment


Unpowered mixing deck for 1-4 microphone inputs and 1-2 line-ins (with an Inbuilt USB Audiointerface)

(160 €)


A pair of wireless microphones with receivers. Like this (179 €)

AKG WMS 40 Mini Dual Vocal


Cables (30 €)


Post production and editing


Garage Band/Audacity for editing.